Originally a popular name of the 90’s, Jonne went through a transformation of its linguistic meaning caused by viral images and internet memes originated in social media.

                      Internet dictionary (knowyourmeme.com) describes the word as an “insult for typical teenage and preteenage kids who swear excessively, drink energy drinks and do stupid things out of peer pressure and try to act "cool"".
                                              The meme originates in the Finnish 4chan alternatives, where the name was ironically linked to photographs predicting young boys attempting to boost their social status through social media.

                           These photos were originally uploaded on the early Finnish social media platforms, such as to IRC-galleria. In 2018, jonne was made an official dictionary adjective,
                                             becoming one of the first internet-originated words not only affecting the physical real through popular culture, but also through state language per se;
                                                                                                  the virtual is evidently present in the offline reality.

   Personally, the self-portraits hover on emotional levels, as ironic, contrived attempts to fit the conceptual mold created by popular (internet) culture and grapholect.
Similarly to the digital ancestors of the images, they are uploaded on the early social media platform IRC-Galleria.

Although the images still perform as mere representations, likewise the countless memes made from the original photographs, the identities of the subjects are centralized and the bridge to the analogue world is reconstructed through the linguistic meaning created over time.
 Whereas the pictures are online in social media under one, seemingly legit profile, the project does not have a definitive final point. The referentiality of the images invites other users to interact within the limits of the platform and to treat the images as they want.

This page functions as an internet archive for the research material of this performance, in case IRC-Galleria one day disappears from the internet.